Nope, I am not completely fearless, nor do I even pretend to be, ever.  I'm just curious.  The reason I experiment with sensory deprivation on my solo ghost hunts is to expose the charlatans of popular cable television ghost hunting shows who perpetuate the mythos of haunted places.  It is a mythos that proclaims that they are courageous in facing such great unknown fear and danger of a haunted location, and they do so boldly as if we should be impressed.  Everyone seems to forget about the production crew that follows closely behind.  Here, I go in alone, always.  I am "locked down" without a production crew of any kind, or a camera operator or any other living being.  Then I  restrain and blindfold myself in the very same locations they proclaim to be so frightening to prove that their claims of fear and danger are clearly lies.  Haunted locations are about as frightening as a laundromat at 10 in the morning.  But why lie?  Well, I know that fear sells and makes some of these TV personalities a lot of money.  Perhaps that is their motivation.  I have, and always will be motivated by the truth.  To find an answer to what this phenomenon is and why it happens.  Someday, I hope to find that incontrovertible proof.
Nope, Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures and all the rest of TV land ghost hunting shows did not invent ghost hunting.  I fondly remember back in the late 70's and early 80's when me, some of my siblings and schoolmates would wander off at night into old abandoned homes and cemeteries in my creepy ole hometown of Laredo, Texas.  
I grew up in the barrio surrounded by old, eerie homes, an old Gothic Catholic church, sporadic street lights and dirt side streets.  In the summertime we woud often sit outside on the porch of my grandmother's house.  The two old mesquite trees swaying briskly from the nightly Southeasterly Gulf of Mexico gusts,  casting ghostly shadows at our feet  as we recalled our haunted conquests and adventures.  
We'd recall the odd sounds recorded on our cheap cassette tape recorders.  We'd laugh at what happened when we attempted our first seance.  The ghostly thud and moan provided by my older brother hiding in a closet.  We ran, and ran and ran!
Nope, what you see on TV was created lovingly, passionately and carringly by my generation and the generations before.  And we carried it on in the true spirit of adventure, fun, and curriosity about a world we were sure no one fully understood.  We never, ever did it with even an inkling that we would become famous, or that we would profit from it.  We were the true pioneers.
By going out alone, as a soloist, you elevate that trailblazzing spirit to that of real life explorer and adventurerer.  Everytime you walk into a haunted location alone you step into the truth about yourself and the still unknown fabric of reality of this univerese.  And it's just you and curious wonder.
                                                                                                                                                     - Patrick Henry Orozco
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