I have been a solo ghost hunter for over 6 years.   I believe anyone can do it.  If you've ever thought about being a solo ghost hunter but weren't sure you could do it, this is your best resource and guide on how to do it safely, legally, confidently and get the results only a soloist can!  Make no mistake, it takes balls to go into  haunted locations completely alone with no other team member or backup,  but I have and continue to do it.  Yes, it's a bit dangerous!  Yes you will probably feel fear!   And yes it could cost you your life if you're not careful (just don't do anything stupid, capeesh?)   So I'll state it again, if you're not prepared for anything and everything you could be seriously injured, like if you get scared and start running like a little b*tch, so don't do it.   When you decide to solo a location you can't just think you can, you have to KNOW you can.  And remember, YOU are resposible for your own actions and the consequences.  Till morning you're on your own.   This site is intended for adults, and only recommended for persons 21 years or older.  Not responsible for any negative consequences incurred following any advice on this website.   You're about to have the most unique, fun, and memorable experience you've ever had!