Waverly Hills Sanatorium

The old tuberculosis hospital is located in the far Southwest side of Louisville Kentucky.   Anyone can lease the place for the night.  This is one of my most favorite places I have been to.  The couple of nights I was there paid off in every department including EVPs, visual anomalies, and shadow people.  It was a very active night.  However, I have positive and negative experiences to share.  They have an extremely restrictive audio/video/photography policy.   When I wrote to them, on several occasions, to try to book the location to shoot a video for my web series they refused me.   The last time I checked, you have to sign an agreement that waives ALL your copyrights of anything you document while you are there.  
You will probably not have the place to yourself technically.  Someone will probably be nearby just keeping an eye on you.  
Now the positive.  It is an awesome effing place.  It's massive and the possibilities are endless.   There are 100's of rooms and nooks and crannies to explore.  You will need to be there until morning to cover the entire hospital.   This place is known for its shadow people activity and it did not disappoint.  And of course, there is the unforgettable death chute.  As far as creepiness goes the chute just outshines any other haunted place I've been to.
WHAT TO HIT:  The fourth floor can get super active, especially around the surgical units.  This is where I had my most intense experience with shadow people and a big shadow being.  I got a class A EVP on the 5th floor.  The cafeteria is another location that became super active.  I got another couple of EVPs and knocking responses to my questions.   The death chute is a must.  Just look out for bats and critters and snakes because I encountered all 3 in the chute.   Keep in mind that the death chute is VERY tough on your legs, knees, and back.  It is quite a bit steeper than you might think.  It's fairly easy going down.  The climb back up is a killer.  The first floor has some interesting rooms and a morgue.  I got an unusually timed EVP just outside of the kitchen area.
THE FOLKLORE:  Don't fall for the legend of the number of deaths that occurred at the hospital.  Only a little over eight thousand people died during the tuberculosis pandemic.  The death chute stories are mostly true.  But it was primarily built and used to ferry up supplies to the massive hospital.
IF YOU GO:   Get ready to get lost!  There are no physical signs that tell you where to go and GPS in the area is not reliable.  I stayed in downtown Louisville and really enjoyed it, there is a funky music and comedy venue with a lot of cool places to eat.  There are a few museums within walking distance in the heart of downtown.   One I really enjoyed was the Frazier Historical Arms Museum.  There is also the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory.  I also went on the haunted Louisville walking tour downtown which was immensely satisfying, although I wish it had covered more ground.  The locations were really creepy and old.  Our guide was well versed in the haunted history of downtown Louisville.  There were some parts of downtown that were abandoned and just a wee bit too dangerous looking so just follow the tourist and you'll be fine.

The Battleship USS North Carolina

The battleship is just across downtown Wilmington
North Carolina on the Cape Fear River.  It's a site to see when you turn onto Battleship Road.  If you go alone you WILL have the entire battleship to yourself for the entire evening and early morning.  There is a caretaker on board, but like everyone else, he works during the day.  He'll check in on you before he retires for the evening.  Then the battleship is yours.  I am going to make an unusual suggestion now.  If you are not in fairly good shape, this battleship is going to kick your ass physically.  I really mean this.  I work out regularly and do several core exercises that keep me in pretty good shape.  By the end of the exploration, I was a bit sore, especially in the leg and lower abdomen muscles.  You will be climbing up and down extremely steep and narrow stairs all night long and you are going to be exhausted!  There is also virtually no air circulation the lower you go so you are going to sweat quite a bit.  You should apply talcum powder to your undercarriage area, trust me, I learned this the hard way :) 
You can bring your own water or buy some from the vending machines in the wardroom.  You will be burning a lot of energy so I highly recommend you bring some food as well.  I was staying close to Jason's Deli so I brought a sandwich, which I devoured about halfway through my exploration.  The wardroom is a perfect place for your command center.  From there, there are only two ways to get below deck.  Some of the lights will remain on in some areas of the battleship, so it isn't pitch black except in the engine room.
You will get lost and there is a prankster ghost on board who likes to close doors behind you.  Again another lesson I learned the hard way.  Once you think you've covered an entire deck you'll be pleasantly surprised to find new areas you haven't gone through.  One of the lit areas is one of the gun turrets and it's an awesome thing to see because it looks brand new.  
As far as activity is concerned, I only experienced two visual anomalies.  One was a possible shadow person and the other was the bottom half of two legs walking toward me.  In the wardroom noticed something moving to my left and behind me, when I turned I saw two very neatly pressed, creased down the middle khaki pants and two very polished black shoes.  The took 2 or 2 1/2 steps then just faded away.  What I did get is a good amount of class A EVPs, mostly in the mess halls and the engine room.  I also heard a lot of people talking, but it sounded very contemporary, like a party.  There were occasional, loud, hatches closing sounds and a few knocking sounds.  There are a lot of nooks and crannies in the battleship that is easy to miss, in the end, I wish I had brought along a map or schematic of the decks, as I'm sure I probably missed a few.
PLACES TO HIT: You'll definitely want to hit all the mess areas and kitchens as these would have been active places with lots of sailors interacting.  I got a couple of really funny EVPs that appeared to be directed at me.  Spend some time in sickbay for some possible EVPs.  Sleeping quarters are scattered throughout the decks but I didn't get much evidence in any of them.  Spend some time near the chapel area for possible physical contact.  Finally, you should check out the engine room but be advised that it's an EMF cage deluxe down there.  I had a very unsettling experience where I believe I was either briefly possessed by a spirit of a very angry, resentful soul or I fell victim to the very strong EM field down there.  If it does happen to you, just get the hell out as fast as you can.
THE FOLKLORE:  There is supposed to be a very mischievous ghost on board who likes to prank ghost hunters and, in my case, is true.  He made fun of me in an EVP, and I think he closed a door behind me causing me to become a little panicked when I couldn't figure out how to get out of an area on one of the lower decks.
IF YOU GO:  Wilmington, NC is a quiet, quaint little town with gorgeous beaches.  Just head east and you'll eventually get to the ocean.  Make absolutely sure you make the day after your exploration a recovery day because you will have one massive paranormal hangover.  I stayed in the North East side of the city just a couple of miles away from the battleship in a Holiday Inn Express.  I felt very safe and secure in that part of the city.   Take a drive to the East toward the battleship to find the oldest part of Wilmington.  You'll find a wonderful neighborhood with old, very haunted looking mansions and a shopping district with locally owned eateries.
  Fort Mifflin
  Fort Mifflin sits on the bank of the Delaware River in the
  Southeast area of Philadelphia near the Philadelphia 
  International Airport.  The fort grounds cover about forty acres and there are 8-9 structures you will have access to explore.  They offer two rental times.  One starts at 6 p.m.
  and ends at 12 a.m.  The other option is an overnight
  which begins at 5 p.m. and ends at 10 a.m. the following morning.  If you choose the overnight, the staff will provide snacks and an ice cooler filled with soft drinks and water.  There are restrooms for men and women located in the gift shop building.  The fort is surrounded by a thicket to the southeast so be alert for critters that may inadvertently wander onto the grounds.  When I was there, there were also some rather cantankerous geese on the grounds that retreat at night to the moat behind the fort.
  Now for a bit of bad news.  The fort is very close to the
  Philadelphia International Airport and a great deal of air traffic pass right over the fort.  There is an incoming flight just about every 15 - 20 minutes!, and it's LOUD!
  The jetliners are so close I could almost make out faces in the windows looking down at me.  So plan accordingly.
  And if you have tinnitus as I do, a pair of earbuds might
  not be such a bad idea, yes it's that loud.
  And now for the good news.  Almost every structure produced excellent EVPs.  A couple of places even had disembodied voices.  If you don't feel creeped out in this place then you are truly a badass.   The whole time I was there I felt a good deal of dread as if some unseen entity was following me around everywhere I went.  You will have to edit around every time a jetliner thunders by above you.
  It's what I did to produce my video of my exploration of the fort which can be found @ www.timelinesshow.com.  When you arrive you will first pay the balance for your investigation at the hospital building which is outside the fort walls.  Then you will get your choice of rooms in the officer's quarters and that will serve as your base station.
  If the site manager is around she/he will show you around and give you the low-down on the place.  After that, the 
  Fort is yours.  When I was at the fort there was a caretaker who stays in an upstairs room of the officer's quarters.  
  WHAT  TO HIT:  You will definitely want to spend some time in the commandant's quarters.  When I was there it became really active with footsteps and a rather large, shy, shadow person who darted behind one of the fireplaces and remained hidden.  I recorded a good deal of class A - B  EVPs and 
  the sound of a door being slammed shut about 11 or 12 
  times.  Next on your list should definitely be any of the casemates.  I recorded an enormous amount of EVP's of all classifications in the casemates 1-5 and 11.  The magazines and the arsenal were pretty quiet.  The officer's quarters did become briefly active and I was able to get a few good EVPs.
  I spent so much time in casemates 1-5 that I got to the best one, casemate 11, a little too late.  Plan accordingly.
   THE FOLKLORE:  The legend of the screaming lady is pure bunk!  No female committed suicide at the fort.  Two women named Elizabeth did indeed live in the fort at two different times.  One of them did lose her two young children to yellow fever.  This Elizabeth died after she too came down with the dreaded disease.  The other Elizabeth was married to an officer and died an agonizing death from gastritis.   She is most likely the screaming woman.  William
  H. Howe was imprisoned in casemate 11 and was executed  at the fort.  

  Bobby Mackey's Music World

  Bobby Mackey's Music World is an old, authentic, 
  honky-tonk just minutes from Cincinnati, Ohio in Wilder,
  Kentucky.  It has had quite a colorful past and was the site
  of a pre-Civil War slaughterhouse that was torn down in
  1890.  However, a number of smaller structures remained that have been at that location since before the Civil War and are located in the basement of the nightclub.  You can book the location for a 5-hour exploration that can start anytime between 7 p.m.-9 p.m.  Because it is a working bar and the stage is set up for weekend shows someone will be in the nightclub the whole time you are there.  There are cctv cameras with infrared lights scattered throughout that will enhance what you may already have.  The last time
  I was there, my host informed me that she had the number of several eateries that will deliver food, should you need it.  I happened to be there a little later in May and it got to below freezing.  I mention this because when I went into the basement I needed a sweater.  
  Now for the good stuff.  There is, without a shadow of a
  doubt, something extra-paranormal happening in this
  location.  I had of a lot of class A EVPs, 3 shadow people
  events, I recorded an amorphous, semitransparent entity
  on one of my video cameras, I experienced a cold spot on
  my elbow and the sensation of cobwebs on my nose and 
  lips that persisted.  I had a good night!  If you have read or
  seen any of the coverage this location has received, you
  might be inclined, as I was, to believe the basement should
  be more active, it wasn't.  Most of everything I actually 
  experienced and documented happened in the nightclub.
  WHAT  TO HIT:  All of them in the bar and upstairs apartment and the catwalk over the stage.  Something substantial happened in every area.  
  THE FOLKLORE:  Okay, time the ruffle some feathers.  
  Nothing, I repeat, NOTHING demonic, satanic, or evil has ever been associated with this location at any time in its history.  All of that demon crap is legend and folklore that
  started after the location became Bobby Mackey's Music 
  World.  It is a huge disservice to this field to continue to perpetuate these outright lies and utter bullcrap.  Those who do are willfully ignorant and are disingenuous, bold-
  faced liars.  (Yeah, you know who I'm talking about.)  Yes,
  some unfortunate high crimes did occur, but that was only when the place was owned by a gangster in the 1950s.
  And yes, there is a covered drainage pit in the basement
  that was used to channel slaughterhouse blood into the
  Licking River.  Sorry to disappoint, but all this "gateway to
  hell" and  "dark energies" idiocy just makes those of us    
  who try to maintain a certain degree of dignity, and 
  earnestness, look like boobs.
  IF YOU GO:  I stayed just south of the nightclub (a few miles)
  in a suite next to a movie theater and a Mellow Mushroom.
  They had killer sammies and pizza!  If you need to kill some time the cinema was a multiplex playing mainstream current movies.  If not, head north just a few miles across the Ohio     
  River into Cincinnati for big-city entertainment and dining.

  West Virginia State Penitentiary

  The old prison is located in Moundsville, WV., and is hard to miss.  It is huge, it takes up four city blocks.  This is
  one of my favorite places that I intend to return to because
  I couldn't hit every area I wanted to.  Plan accordingly because there is a lot to see and you will only have six hours.  You will be given a tour of the space just so that you can get your bearings and learn how to get back to base camp.  My tour guide taught me a few shortcuts too. 
The prison was named one of the most dangerous prisons when it was in operation.  Sometime in the 80's a riot broke out that lasted several days.  A few inmates were killed and an agreement between the prisoners and staff was broadcast live on the news that evening.  Conditions improved, but it was still a horrible, inhumane place to be locked up.  Here's the funny thing about being in this penitentiary alone.  I thought I would be overwhelmed with negative energy or bad vibes, but was surprised to have felt at ease and happy.  On the contrary, it was quite soothing. 
  The structure is in very good shape and there are no areas with potential safety issues.  There are restrooms for both men and women and there are a few vending machines in the gift shop, which I made my base camp for the evening. 
Expect two very knowledgeable staff members to be in your base camp for the evening.  And make sure to ask them what areas have been recently active.
  Expect a little of everything here.  I experienced shadow people, disembodied voices, a bump on my hip, and felt my shoulder touched.  EVPs were all over the place.  I had a few good class As but a lot more Bs and Cs.  I recorded a voice that very clearly said my name and heard and recorded non-
  stop clinking, clanking, and knocking sounds.  Every place I 
  spent a little time in produced EVPs.  But the most active areas were the Psych and medical units.  You will very likely stick to the North end of the complex because that's where everything is including, the main lobby, the kitchen, the med wards, the hole, North Hall, and the sugar shack.  There is a
  lot of ground to cover and endless nooks and crannies.
  WHAT  TO HIT:  You will most definitely want to spend some time in, the "hole" which is a bit of a misnomer.  The hole was actually the maintenance department.  The sugar  shack is where I expected some sort of physical response because it's a known location where some folks have been scratched and touched.  The med and Psych wards were the absolute most active places in the prison.  Again, there are a
  lot of places you can hit in these areas so plan wisely.  The  kitchen area produced the least amount of activity for me that evening.  Finally, you will definitely want to spend some time in North Hall.  This is where the extra violent prisoners were housed.  
  Be extra careful in the hole because it is a favorite hunting area for a whole bunch of bats.  Yes, I said bats.  I have zero problems with bats because I know how to deal with them.  
  Bats will fly around you as long as you move in a slow deliberate path.  It's only when folks go nuts and start running that our flying little friends collide with our heads.
  There was a room in the hole that had just way too many of them that they were getting real close to my noggin; I had to abort.  My only regret is that I didn't have any time left to explore the South Hall, maybe next time.
   THE FOLKLORE:  You will probably be told or have read the untrue story of Willian "Red" Snyder.   He was a notorious prisoner who was the leader of the Aryan Brotherhood and played a pivotal role in the 1986 prison riot.  He was and may still be in cell # 20, on the ground floor of North Hall.
  The legend says Snyder killed his mother and father and chopped them up into pieces that he kept under his bed.  
  What really happened is not quite as gruesome.  He did kill his father with a rifle shot to the head.  Then he went and killed the father of the boy who was dating his sister.  When law enforcement showed up, he fired on them with the rifle.  They returned fire and shot him in the leg.
  IF YOU GO:  Moundsville is a small community and I believe there is only one motel there.  I stayed up the road in 
  Wheeling which is a larger city with all the amenities you would expect including restaurant chains and hotels.  The nearest airport is in Pittsburg, PA.  I had been ill the previous night in Kentucky and was not feeling culinarily adventurous so I ordered a plain cheese pizza from the hut.

 Yorktown Community Hospital

  The hospital is located in Yorktown, Texas and I must begin with a plea for you to move quickly on this location.  Here's the reason, the structure is not being maintained in any  way.  Every time I go back it seems like the condition is worse than when I was last there.  I predict that within 5-8 years it will be condemned, declared dangerous and consequently shut down as a paranormal site.  Also, 
  contrary to claims of being locked down in the hospital, 
  it is wide open to anyone who can jump a fence or find an easy way in.  A good friend who visited recently (2018) 
  said he had found evidence of possible squatting.  On one of my visits, three teenagers just waltzed right in, easy-
  peasy.  It is for these reasons that I will not be returning to the hospital as a soloist anymore.  Is it safe?  Well, I'm sure the caretaker will clear it out if there are any squatters around and you can always ask him for his cellphone number.  This one is entirely up to you.  But I would definitely have the Yorktown PD's phone number on my contacts list.  
Having listed all the reasons a return visit is doubtful for me, I will add that this is a very active location!  I got some amazing EVP's on my first solo of this hospital.  It also had very active shadow people activity.  I had my most significant physical contact experience in the nun's lounge.
  The creep factor alone is amazing.  There is a lot to do in this hospital.  Most of the cast from the old Ghost Hunters tv show have spent the night.  It was extremely active the night I was there.  It's such a shame that the place isn't getting the attention it needs.  It would be extremely easy to lock down this location so that soloists like me can feel some amount of safety.  There are a lot of reasons why this is a worthy site.  But there are concerning reasons for soloing.  Finally, if you have a thing about rats, hate to break it to you, but this place is infested with rats.  Some of them are huge, and I mean New York City huge.  Finally, 
  there is no power or lights or working bathroom here.  The caretaker will offer to run an extension cord into the main lobby though.  When I hosted a group, I got a room at the motel right across the street from the hospital.  The room was surprisingly well maintained and clean.  
  WHAT TO HIT:  Virtually any location in the hospital should produce a few excellent EVPs.  Most active for me were the  operating rooms and the birthing room.   If you are there on a Saturday night, save the chapel for Sunday morning.  It has been noted that the chapel gets active in the morning and daytime.  The nurses' station on the first floor also s
  seems to be a hotspot.  It is where I had the most aggressive shadow person experience.  It's also where I may have been goosed by a ghost.  All of the basement can become active quickly.  There is also an apartment a the far end of the corridor and where signs of squatters were found.  It is yet another location where goosing activities have been reported if you're into that sorta thing.  While I was there alone, the first time I went into the basement I heard the voice of a little girl simply say "hi!" to me.  Allegedly this is
  Stacy, a little girl who may have died in the hospital.  The  nun's quarters take up the entire second floor.  If it hadn't been for my groping experience I might be inclined to recommend you spend just a short amount of time in the nun's quarters because it seemed to be the least active the two times I soloed it.  Finally, the kitchen yielded one of the most unusual groupings of EVP's and extremely loud knocking/striking sounds.  It was a very active producer of class A EVPs.
   THE FOLKLORE:  After Yorktown Hospital shut down, it was briefly used as a drug rehab place.  It is alleged a 
  counselor named Debbie was having a relationship with two addicts.  While she was engaged in goosing activities in the basement, love addict # 2 caught them in the act.  He pulled a knife and fatally stabbed Debbie then attempted to stab love addict #1.  Love addict #1 disarmed and stabbed love addict #2 to death.  I researched this story and could not substantiate any of it.  Did it really happen?  If it did there is no record of it.  However, when I hosted a 
  group, we got a very interesting EVP of what appears to be a female.  When I asked "Debbie are you here?", I got an angrily stated "Deborah!" on my audio recorder.  So who knows?
  IF YOU GO:  I would stay in San Antonio because there is a lot you can do here on your recovery day.  We have the best Tex-Mex food in the world.  If that ain't your thing then nothing beats Texas Q.  We're super friendly.  Want
  to play tourist on your hangover day, then stay in one of 5 
  haunted hotels downtown.  Stay at:  The Menger, The
  Emily Morgan, Sheraton Gunter, the St. Anthony, or the 
  Holiday Inn Express Riverwalk, then stroll down our awesome Riverwalk.  We've got pretty good walking and riding haunted San Antonio tours also.  Now here's the best advice about my hometown.  You want to visit Feb - 
  April or May or November.  If you visit from June - Sept. it will be unbelievably hot!  And none of our haunted suites  have air conditioning.  You've been warned.  If you do plan to visit, drop me an email for additional suggestions and advice.