Really happy to announce I have finally gotten around to adding new content, mostly videos to this site!  I will also be adding all the original "TimeLines" videos from my haunted East Coast road trip back in 2013.  This is the series showcased on about a year ago.  Look for more new content in the next couple of weeks - months!!
The war has officially been lost on FaceBook.  FB has become synonymous with, and is now the domain of, inane cute pet videos, inspirational quotes abounding, and the occassional chain-friend-check copy and paste threat post.  Hardly anyone clicks on paranormal posts, some of which contain actually significant evidence of the phenomenon.  It's kinda sad, but it is the world we live in now, we are scrollers addicted to our cell phones and cat videos.
In the beginning, I was extremely reluctant to use any of the television phraseology and labeling.  This is how "TimeLines" came to be, sadly hardly anyone noticed.  But the reason I was a guest on several podcasts, and was briefly in talks with cable network producers, was because of the somewhat contrived term "solo ghost hunter",  it seemed to resonate and generate great intrest.
As much as I hated what television had done to this field, I knew that ship had sailed and the war to bring any sense of earnest, authenticity to this field was probably lost.  So I surrendered, I embraced, and I became.  But I'll be damned if I will pose, arms crossed, quarter turn toward the camera with a serious, I'm a badass look on my face.  No this isn't a serious pursuit and there is no science here, no matter how much the toy-ghost detection gadgets claim.  But that dosen't mean it can't be quite a bit of fun, even alone.
I cannot avoid labeling what it is I do.  I go alone (solo) to haunted locations.  I hope, some night to ecnounter a (ghost) and  capture (hunter) it digitally.   This will now be a personal journey for me and I will share that here.  You simply cannot beat the machine, so I will occasionally post something to my FB page to alert you, should you want to check it out.  If you do or have, I am humbled and I thank you and very deeply appreciate it.
Finally should you choose to solo hunt, just keep in mind, you are alone, you can injure yourself.  Please have an emergency contact should you need one.  Better yet, be ever so diligent and alert that such an occurrence is negligible.  Thank you for your continued interest and support.  Please don't hesitate to ask me anything about this site, I will always respond!
Patrick Henry Orozco
January 4, 2020